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Concreteness also applies to the selection of appropriate words, the less abstract, the easier it is to reach the recipient. Creibility – this is not about rigid data, although it is common that this is the easiest way to authenticate the message. To best illustrate the problem, let’s use an example. In 1981, Ronald Reagan was campaigning for the title of president, and his campaign referre to unemployment. He could have use numbers, of course, but instead he aske the question: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? The creibility of the message was preserve, but Reagan use a cornet that was easy to remember instead of thousands of numbers that everyone would forget.

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Emotion is one of the most important features of the advertising message. They guide our behavior in everyday life, often motivate us to act, and at the same time make it easier to remember the message. Without emotions, there is no good Latest Mailing Database advertising. Stories – storytelling is like a good and engaging book. An advertising message that tells a story works on the recipient in the same way. Selection of elements of the advertising message The selection of elements of the advertising message cannot be accidental.

Latest Mailing Database

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The channels of communication that the sender wants to use are also important. Different elements will have to be include in the TV ad and others in the radio. This is due to certain limitations impose by individual communication channels. Returning Phone Number HK to the previously mentione examples, it is easy to see that advertising on the radio cannot operate on the image, so the whole thing must focus on the sound layer. It is also necessary to take into account the target group, reach and assume goals to be achieve by the advertising message. On the other hand, any good advertising message must consist of three basic elements that will determine its structure.

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