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In its simplicity, PushOwl offers  Push notifications appear on the screen of your customers’ mobile devices according to the strategy. It can be an effective addition to email campaigns, and if used sparingly, it can even offer a better conversion rate than email. The flexible push notifications also work excellently as rescuers of abandoned shopping carts. This is a method of conversion optimization that, for example, the American Uber Eats prefers. If the purchase is left unfinished, the customer receives a notification on their phone screen, and if the customer does not take it, the service sometimes also offers a discount code to complete the transaction. The basic version of PushOwl is completely free, which makes it worth a try.

Stamped io Reviews

A strong candidate for collecting customer feedback. The collection process is completely automated, but before they are published for the public to see, you can check and approve the feedback yourself.

It is almost always true that it is easier for customers to relate to what other customers say than to the company’s marketing message. That’s why asking Algeria Phone Number List for customer feedback and adding the best reviews to e.g. product cards and marketing emails is an effective way to convince customers to make a purchase decision.

Stamped also offers much more, from NPS surveys to creating loyalty programs, and its integration capabilities with all the most common e-commerce platforms make it a strong candidate for your marketing toolkit.

Phone Number List

Yotpo’s slightly more expensive competitor is Yotpo , which has been operating in the industry for a long time and has collected more than 30,000 customers. As with, in addition to customer reviews, Yotpo also has the option of building loyalty programs and sending customers who have given SMS marketing permission an automatic request to leave a review after a purchase, for example in exchange for a small discount.

Like, Yotpo also has integration with Google Shopping, so it knows how to give a customer searching for a product on Google the option with the best reviews from your online store. Yotpo gets a lot of praise for its general reliability and comprehensive integration possibilities.

Omni convert

Omni convert’s Explore is a conversion optimization (CRO) tool that enables testing based on 40 different variables in a live online service. CRO testing is a precise way to optimize the most important conversion points of websites and it often tells much more about customers’ website behavior than Google Analytics alone. If there are clear product Phone Number HK  categories in your online store that should do better, with conversion optimization you can create a test that shows slightly different content to different customer segments (for example based on geographic location). With the help of long-term testing, you will definitely find a content angle where the store will start to do better, assuming that everything else is in order with your product.

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