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Choose the number of columns Show Accelerate Sales the category to which the entry belongs Show post excerpts Resize thumbnails listings Entries/pages You can also customize posts and pages to show those elements that you really need depending on what type of niche you are working on. Asap Theme also includes a previous/next navigation system between articles to encourage interaction from your users. tickets Fully controlled internal linking With Asap theme you can control your internal linking however you want.

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Sidebar I always like to show a sidebar on my websites industry email list because I think it helps make the niches look like real portals instead of just niches. There are many websites that use a sidebar where they show related articles. Asap Theme includes the option to display the sidebar, but best of all are the built-in internal linking options. You will be able to display a list of latest entries and select the number of articles to be displayed. But you can also choose whether to show the latest posts from any category.

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Or only posts that belong to the same Phone Number HK category or that share a tag with the article we are visiting. This allows you to have fully controlled internal linking . sidebar Related posts A key feature to increase your page views and boost your on-page SEO are related posts. The template includes the option to display related articles at the end of each article like so many other themes have. But the difference is that Asap Theme allows you to relate your posts not only by categories, but also by tags . This allows you to control the interlinking of your niches as much as possible.

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