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Marketing model developed by SDM itself can be considered the basis of what we do. The model enables marketing to be done in such a way that it produces immediate, measurable results and develops the appeal of our customers’ brands.

Artificial intelligence will not only shape the Reach phase of our model , i.e. the paid or organic reaching phase . More than the Google Ads platform and social media marketing, artificial intelligence is changing content production and thus also organic search engine visibility .

Generative artificial intelligence is doing to content marketing

what social media did to sharing content, i.e. the effort needed to create new content is starting to decrease. In addition to the endless flood of information, however, the threat is the homogenization of content and the deterioration of quality. Artificial intelligence produces new texts based on previously written texts. This can increasingly lead to content that repeats the same old phrases.

Our office’s goal is to stay on top of new trends and changes in different marketing channels. We have welcomed artificial intelligence with open arms, but critically. Up-to-date information helps to anticipate future changes in the market and offer the Thailand Phone Number List opportunity to use new tools more effectively in planning and implementing advertising. Our office also invests heavily in product development with the help of artificial intelligence. Of course, our customers will be among the first to benefit from this development.

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In summary: test new features, check your resources and mirror your goals under the change

In Google Ads, the features of artificial intelligence have long been a natural part of the platforms, and above all, the development of artificial intelligence that produces text is worth following. Although artificial intelligence will facilitate many actions of the advertiser, it will at the same time take the work of the Google Ads expert in an even more strategic direction.

Does the use of artificial intelligence affect your marketing goals, and in what ways? Do you need additional resources in the midst of rapid upheavals?

We are happy to help your company in setting Phone Number HK marketing goals and achieving them. First, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the 3-phase model, with which you set marketing goals based on the company’s strategic goals.

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