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we enter the main discussion, we must first know what data is? Data is a collection of information consisting of several facts which can be in the form of numbers, words or certain symbols. It can be collected through a search or observation process using the right approach based on certain sources. If you want to deepen your knowledge about data, you can study it at Dicoding, you know. There is a Basic Data Visualization Learning class that can make you understand better how to process data well. Now let’s look at the discussion about big data. What is big data? Big data is a collection of data that has a very large volume or size consisting of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data which can develop ove.

there are three characteristics

r time . In big data itself  or aspects which are usually called the Three Vs. What are the Three Vs ? The following is an explanation of Three V. The Three V Three V itself is a characteristic that must exist in big data. The Three V itself consists of volume, velocity, and variety. The following whatsapp database is the explanation. Volume The name big data itself means data with a large size, therefore the size of the data itself has an important role. A data can be categorized as big data or not depending on the volume of data. For this reason, volume is one aspect that must be considered when dealing with big data. Velocity Velocity itself refers to data speed, how quickly data can be .

generated and how quickly data

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can be processed and analyzed to meet a need. Apart from data collection which must be fast, data transfer speed is also very influential, especially in the process of sending data. If big data has a speed that allows it, then the data can be received or used directly ( real time). Variety Variety here can be interpreted as the various types of data owned by Phone Number HK big data. Usually traditional data types are more structured, but with the development. Of big data, there is a lot of new data in the form of unstructured and semi-structured data , such as text, or data in the form of audio and video. These data require additional processing so that the meaning of the data can be known.

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