Employees have to live the company’s brand purpose

As I said before, I do not believe that correctly transmitting the .  Therefore, Purpose of the company is a matter of only making internal presentations and training. So that employees make the brand purpose their own: We must start from a clear and precise.Therefore,   Definition of the purpose : a simple definition that […]

Pillars of the new post-covid B2B digital strategy

In the B2C world we have been talking for many years about multichannel (ability to serve customers from several channels) and omnichannel (ability to serve our customers unequivocally regardless of the . Channel in question). But due to the gap in the evolution of digital in B2B, it is something that we are starting to […]

Quality Leads from the Product Industry

CSS to make my niches look the way I wanted. Additionally, I had to Quality Leads spend time installing and configuring various plugins to complement its functions. Not to mention the web performance, which was terrible. Then I thought… I know how to program. Why don’t I create my own WordPress template? So it was. […]