Package word excel and power point

Package word growth hacking Design a high-impact CV. These online trainings not only teach specific aspects of a discipline they also prepare us for the world of work. In this case with the course Design a high-impact CV you will learn the keys to creating a resume that captures the attention of recruiters. And you […]

The target group is social advertising

The target have researche which e-commerce platforms are the most popular at the moment. We have collecte data for this, presente it in a diagram or table and compare it with previous years. For this research , 3 different data sources were analyse: BuiltWith, Statista and Google Trends. Mainly the data from BuiltWith has been […]

The goal of a newsletter is to inform email

The goal introducing new products or services, restructuring or international development. Strategic advisors usually work with the company’s management, and their knowlege and experience allow them to make the right decisions that lead to success. Who offers strategic consulting? If you are looking for experts in strategic consulting, you probably want someone to help you […]