But what is big data Is big data

we enter the main discussion, we must first know what data is? Data is a collection of information consisting of several facts which can be in the form of numbers, words or certain symbols. It can be collected through a search or observation process using the right approach based on certain sources. If you want […]

Opcode cache is used to improve

 of several methods to improve PHP performance. Page cache Lastly there is the page cache. This page cache is similar to the cache that we previously discussed, where the page cache stores complete web pages to be displayed to the user later. The data will be stored in random access memory (RAM). The benefits of […]

My referral participant registers

Essentials class token (AWS Cloud Basic Learning) after.  A valid referral is a referral who redeems the Cloud .   With the term cache and are wondering what cache is . What is the function of cache? Did you know that you can find this cache . On your cellphone and computer? Curious, right? Please read […]

Subscription Token worth IDR

worth IDR 8,100,000 for those who successfully bring up to 80 valid referrals . 360 Day Subscription Token worth IDR 12,600,000 for those who successfully bring up to 100 valid referrals . Valid referrals will be calculated based on developers. Who fill out the registration form and redeem . Tokens from 7 September to 30 […]

In the world of IoT itself there

applications and devices that use sensors. Examples include tools that can monitor air quality. Tools that can be attached to wild animals in captivity. Checking water conditions, and so on. Even the internet of things can also be used as an early. Warning system for disasters. Conclusion So that’s the discussion about the internet of […]

With this sensor the machine is able

It is planned that in the future all examination results can be received directly by medical personnel or hospitals. The data sent includes blood pressure, medical history, current illness, etc. In fact, IoT technology has now been applied in the health sector, for example a robot nurse in a clinic in Moscow which helps health […]

True programmers never stop learning

Achieve Developer Careers Upskilling via Pre-Employment Helps Realize the Independence of Women Developers 3 Benefits of Learning Programming from True programmers never  an Early Age Technological developments in Indonesia are increasingly developing day by day. TOne of them is in matters of data collection. The data collected can include temperature, humidity, rainfall, water content in […]

The aida model in marketing

The company also offers a range of positioning results monitoring tools to help you achieve the best possible results. Funkymia positioning services in Tuchola are effective and efficient. The company offers competitive prices and quick results. In addition, the company offers technical support and advice to help you achieve the best results. FUNKYMIA POSITIONING TRZEBINIA […]

First idea of ​​​​a social networking site call Social Net

A user who chooses to participate in an event (“attending”) may see other people who have also chosen to participate. LinkIn has also prepar an interesting form of promoting the event by the participant. You can use a readymade text propos by LinkIn, as well as enter your own text. The invit user can also […]

Expect More Companies Appeare That Made

Should any of the groups deserve social condemnation? Not at all – she should absolutely not be judge as naive or manipulative. Each of us has our own beliefs that guide our lives. Skeptics, of course, would consider this a marketing ploy that most consumers have succumbe to, but we can call it the perfect […]

The most affordable end fully

We have videos that can be usit. Please write your request to e-mail. Is tipping mandatory? : Tipping is always requirit. If for some reason you are not satisfiit with the level of service. You can decline them. Please remember. Tips are the main source of wages for the crew. Is the port tax includit […]

Evident When A Company Has A Positive Neutral

The group also offers a good practice guide with a “real time” function that will allow you to immdiately view any changes to the architecture of the site taken into account. Attention, if you want to adapt your site on mobile, count a small ticket between 10,000 and 15,000 €, in other words that if […]