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Company names locations View your profile in the last days People who visit your profile obviously had interest or curiosity for what you do at one point. view profile sales navigator filter You can reach out to them to find out why. Maybe don’t mention that they visit your profile because that could freak some people out. Find another icebreaker in that case. . Personal Filters personal filters on Sales Navigator: Connections Geography Industry Years of experience Connections of Groups First name Last name Profile language.

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School personal filters sales navigator . Connections seo expate bd This filter allows you to filter your lead list bas on their degree of connections with you. connection degree sales navigator filter If you are doing linkin lead generation, you obviously want to select nd and rd degree connection because you want to contact people you are not connect with yet. . Geography This filter allows you to target your leads bas on their own location (not the location of their company). geography sales navigator filters Concretely you will target people bas on the location they indicate here location lead linki.

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Allows you Phone Number Hk to filter leads bas on the industry they have select on their profile, not the industry of their company. industry sales navigator filter A lot of people thinks this filter look at the industry of the lead’s company but it finds the info here: industry lead filter . Year of experience If you target people who change companies often (like freelancers, cooks, or waiters) this filter can be useful to target people with a lot of experience in one field, even though they can company regularly. year of experience sales navigator filter . Connections of This filter allows you to target all the common connections you have with people in your first degree connections. connection of filter sales navigator.

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