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Netvibes   netvibes netvibes netvibes is an intelligence dashboard platform that offers a single view to manage a multitude of digital sources. You can connect websites. News. Social m  ia. Apps and even smart devices to your dashboard. Content curation features include the ability to create automat   custom actions. View live analytics. And track topics of interest. Key features: automat   custom actions bas   on triggers and defin   actions drag-to-compare option for comparing charts and data from various sources share dashboards among team members to view real-time analytics price: free – $649+ /mo 17.  paper_li carta.

Seamless integrations with a number

Li helps you collect new content for your Asia email list audience using natural language processing. Machine learning and social signals. These capabilities make the software highly automat   allowing you to focus on the best ways to deliver content. Seamless integrations with a number of major platforms. Including twitter. Link  in and wix. Let you share content where and when you want. Main features: share your new content directly on social networks create an online newspaper for your website easily populate a newsletter with collect   content price: free – $12.99/mo 18. Peralberi  pearltrees peralberi pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool that allows to collect bookmarks in a visual way similar to a mind map.

Making adding links simple

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The interface contains a series of ‘pearls’ representing your individual web links. And you can connect pearls together to form a ‘pearl tree’. Notes and images can also be add   to the beads. The software integrates with major web browsers. Making Phone Number HK adding links simple. And you can view other user-generat   gems to get additional content ideas. Key features: share your pearl directly on twitter. Facebook. Or your website view other user-generat   pear trees offline mode to view your sav   collection anywhere price: free – $9.99/mo 19. Pocket  pocket pocket pocket is an online bookmarking tool that saves articles. Videos. And web pages you want to view later in a simple. Organiz   reader.

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