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The goal of the Act phase is to turn customers into leads with the help of content relevant to your buyer persona. Content production should be an investment, but also consider these tools to maximize quality conversions.


We dig into Hotjar’s toolbox when we want to find out the movements of website visitors and locate, for example, bottlenecks that have plagued the site. Hotjar is mostly used for recording website visits and creating so-called heatmaps . The recordings show concretely how the customer navigates the website and what problems he encounters on the website. Locating problem areas by watching recordings often reveals more information than analytics itself, and is therefore a powerful tool for website optimization. Heatmaps show you directly which parts of your page attract site visitors most effectively.

Microsoft Clarity

Like Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity is a tool specialized in recording the visit sessions of individual website visitors and analyzing their behavior. Whereas Hotjar also offers the possibility to create satisfaction surveys for visitors, the completely free South Korea Phone Number List Clarity is invisible to website visitors. Clarity enables an even deeper look into the behavior of website visitors. In addition to normal browsing, it even measures consecutive so-called rage clicks empty clicks and excessive browsing due to frustration. Using measurement data, Clarity creates analyzes of long-term behavioral trends, helping you build a website that best serves your most important customers.

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The development of websites and services requires a lot of testing and development before they serve visitors in the best possible way. Optimizely is a service focused on testing, which helps to make a decision based on test data at each conversion point of an online service. Optimizely’s wide repertoire of test and optimization tools covers, for example, A/B and multivariate testing, the feature toggle feature used to personalize online services, content management and much more.


Hubspot has become a well-known trademark and it typically struggles in recognition with marketing automation, content marketing and email marketing tools like Salesforce.

Hubspot’s content management tools are excellent on their own, but not earth-shattering yet. However, it is a valuable entity, because the conversion and other metrics of the web pages, forms and other content you create in the Act phase are under the same Hubspot umbrella throughout the planning of the purchase path.


The world’s most popular content management and website platform, WordPress, is familiar to many, and it clearly deserves a place among the most important tools in the Act phase. Marketers who want to get more out of WordPress should take a deeper look at the platform’s content management. Sending information from forms automatically to a marketing automation system or creating integrations between different systems is just one example of the scope of its usage possibilities.


Button info: Wunderkind , formerly called BounceX, developed and even patented the first technology company to recognize a website visitor’s intent to leave a website. Today, however, Wunderkind is much more, and it strives to de-anonymize Phone Number HK website visitors by analyzing and precisely profiling their behavior Wunderkind helps the marketer to study the behavior of the most important customers on a multi-channel basis, which is a significant asset in planning tactical message angles.

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