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The model consists of the following steps: Reach, Act, Convert, Engage and Measure. Some channels can be divide into phases of the model base on which their characteristics are best suite.

When planning the structure of the campaign, you must take into account the purchase path and think about which stages of the path the campaign will be built on. Do you have a warm enough audience to run a Convert-only campaign? This is rarely the starting point. Often, a Reach phase is also need, which is used to target a cold audience.

Different content is need for different stages, because the purchasing decision is influence by how aware customers are of your products. In the Reach phase,  the content is often website content that arouses interest, which is important to address the target group. Often this is by providing a solution to their problem or by fulfilling their need. Product advertising, especially campaign advertising, may also be interesting enough for the customer to take the first step towards a purchase and learn more about your online store.

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In the content of the Act phase

The customer has understand his problem or need, and that he can possibly get a solution to it from your online store. In the Act phase, it is important to France Phone Number List direct the customer to the right products, and to offer enough useful information about them, base on which the customer can make a purchase decision that they can be satisfi with.

In the Convert phase, the content is often very simple, but even more important. At this point, we don’t want to lose a customer to a competitor. Possible campaigns, discounts and customer benefits are often also factors that often influence the final purchase decision.

During the Engage phase, existing customers are offer unique benefits. How do you turn your customers into loyal customers? Imagination is often the limit here, and often even very small things become meaningful. For example, a small surprise with the package can make your customer surpris and happy, which probably leaves a positive image and emotional impression of the purchase. When the next shopping need arises, you are probably the first thing in mind.

Choose the channels and reach the right target audience

Do you know who your potential customers are and what their needs are? As a tool for identifying customer needs, we recommend creating buyer personas .

With the help of the information Phone Number HK obtained from the buyer persona, you can target your marketing campaign to the right people with the right messages.

Choose the channels according to where your target audience spends their time and which channels work best for your products, without forgetting the goals. Not all social media platforms are the same. Each channel has its own unique features and user base.

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