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The  which is quickly taking over the market, is especially popular with B2B marketers. For its affordable monthly price, ACTIVE Campaign offers a delightfully comprehensive selection of Convert stage tools, from forms to landing page tools.

ActiveCampaign also has a comprehensive selection of ready-made integrations for connecting external systems and an easy-to-understand guide for connecting systems that do not yet have a native integration. Read more on our blog: ActiveCampaign 101 – An overview of the pros and cons of the tool


Custobar offers basic functionalities for marketing automation, e-mail marketing and sending SMS messages under one roof. Data-driven marketers get excited about Custobar’s way of crunching customer purchase and behavior information in addition to the Dashboard into, for example, RFM matrices, from which you can see the size of the most profitable customer segments and those that require attention at a glance.

In other words, Custobar solves the age-old problem of connecting brick-and-mortar and online store data. In addition, Custobar is a Finnish company, so in support cases you will naturally receive help in Finnish.


The e-mail marketing tool Mailchimp enjoys, at least for the time being, better recognition than the other previously mentioned platforms in many ways.

Although it is also a matter of misunderstanding, Mailchimp can be a good option for some companies to start email marketing if the option is not to start at all.

Phone Number List

At its best, Mailchimp is for newsletters and simple automations, but as needs grow, its limitations quickly become apparent. For example, the scope of Albania Phone Number List email automation chains is quite limited and even the most common integrations have flaws. According to our recommendation, these limitations alone are reason enough to consider another solution.

31. Intercom

Intercom is best known for its chat add-ons, which also started appearing in Finnish online stores about a decade ago. The first thought of chats might be customer service and the solution to problem situations, but in reality chat is also an effective tool for promoting sales.

The AI-enhanced bot studies, for example, the content of the FAQ page or even a complex product description and can immediately answer related questions.

Although the bot does not yet completely Phone Number HK  replace a good salesperson, it offers an opportunity to make the beginning of the Convert phase more efficient by handling the mapping conversation with a potential customer.

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