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Example. and m.Example.) have amp and non-amp versions of the page e.G. Example.page and a Even if you have a web page. Sometimes there will be different url variations that increase the version of the page. For example. The ending parameter may be in uppercase or lowercase or www and non-www.


Depending on the situation. All of these things can be cleane up via the rel authoritative content tag. John mueller john mueller. Google webmaster. Trend analystgoogle if youre not sure how a self-referencing authoritative page works. Its basically an authoritative content tag on a page within a web page that points to itself. For example.


Assuming the url is htage contains multiple

canonical content tags. Google will ignore both tags . In the case where we declare rel  canonical multiple times. Google may ignore all rel  canonical implications. How to use canonical content tags Here are four ways to specify your canonical content url: html tag rel  canonical) http headers sitemap  reirect see the official google documentation for the pros and cons of each method .


. Use the relCanonical html tag to set up authoritative content pages using the rel  Chinese Australiacanonical tag is the easiest and most effective way to specify canonical content urls. Simply add the following code to the <head> section of any page with duplicate content. <link relCanonical hrefexample.canonical-page > for example lets say you have an e-merce website selling t-shirts.

You want yourstore. tshirtsblack-tshirtsto be the authoritative Australia Phone Number List content url. Even if the content of the page is accessible through other urls such as yourstore. offersblack-tshirts) simply add the following canonical content tag to any duplicate pages: <link relcanonical hrefyourstore.tshirtsblack-tshirts > note that if youre using a cms. You dont nee to mess with the page code. Expert Strategies for Obtaining


Heres an easier way. Set up canonical

content tags in wordpress: after we install yoast seo . We can automatically add self-referencing authoritative content tags. If you want to set up a custom authority page. Use the advance section on each post or page. Image set up authoritative content tags in shop ify : shopify itself adds self-referencing authoritative content tags to products and blogs by default. Expert Strategies for Obtaining


If we want to set up a custom authoritative page. We nee to eit the template .Liquid) file directly. This section contains more information on how to do it. Set up canonical content tags in squarespace: as is Expert Strategies for Obtaining

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