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Google recently announced that all users of the “traditional free version” of G Suite need to “upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription” by July 1, 2022 to continue using Gmail and other Google Apps features with their own domain. But many users say. Before paying Google, let’s find a better alternative!

The free G Suite legacy is coming to an end

Google is shutting down its free G Suite  Betting Data legacy accounts, which were available to users between 2006 and 2012 for free Google Apps tied to custom domains. Now, Google wants to force those users to either start paying at least $6 per user per month or threaten to lose access to services like Gmail with custom domains.

Many families, associations and small companies that had free traditional accounts before 2012 saw themselves forced to upgrade – or look for alternatives. The starting price of $6 per user is also quite expensive, especially for a family or nonprofit association.

Goodbye Google, hello privacy

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are now available, and they’re lower priced and work better. Now that many families, nonprofits, and small businesses are looking for alternatives to their free G Suite Legacy accounts, we want to offer Tutanota — not at a special price, but at a fair price!

At Tutanota, we follow the principle of offering fair and transparent pricing , starting from 1€ per user per month for families. The starting price for businesses and non-profits is 2€ per user per month, but discounts can also be applied for non-profits, schools and open source projects .

These are more reasonable prices, especially for families and non-profit organizations. We want everyone to be able to afford an encrypted mailbox, so we try to keep the entry price low with custom domain support.

We all know the saying, “If it’s free, you are the product”. Tutanota is the opposite. We respect your data and your privacy. We will never track you or scan your data. Therefore, premium services like custom domain support are not free (never have been at Tutanota), but have a fair price.

Our mission with Tutanota is to end mass surveillance as well as ad-based tracking . That’s why we offer a fully encrypted mailbox. At Tutanota, we respect your right to privacy. We make sure all your data is encrypted and only you have access to your data. We encrypt so much data that we can safely say that Tutanota is the most secure mailbox.

Benefits of Tutanota

Optional extensions *White Label, *Sharing and *Secure Connect can be added to the Premium subscription. *Unrestricted domains are included in the Business feature and can be added to the Premium subscription, which is already included in all business subscriptions of Tutanota.

Safety features that make Tutanota stand out

By ensuring all your data is always end-to-end encrypted, you own your data. Tutanota’s automatic encryption enables you to use the benefits of the cloud – availability, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, automatic backups – without giving up data sovereignty or security.

Built on top of built-in encryption, Tutanota’s secure password reset and innovative encrypted data search are just two important features that ensure no third party – not even us – can gain access to your data.

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