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Changes in consumer behavior have a significant impact on the market economy and thus also on advertising. When inflation accelerates, consumer behavior and purchasing habits may change. This may require changes in pricing, offers and marketing strategy. Reacting to changes in the market is important for your company to remain competitive. The Bank of Finland predicts that inflation will remain high for at least this year. During a crisis, on the other hand, advertising can also become cheaper, even though many other prices rise, so such situations should be seen as an opportunity.

Marketing during a crisis

Another important theme to consider is the use of artificial intelligence in advertising. It can help your company optimize advertising campaigns, target ads, personalize UAE Phone Number List messages and predict consumer behavior. Google Ads will enable, among other things, automatic bidding strategies based on artificial intelligence, campaigns based on chat conversations, and creating unique product images on the Google Ads platform.

Phone Number List

Artificial intelligence

can help react quickly to changes in the market, improve the effectiveness of advertising and speed up routine tasks, but at the same time the importance of human work is emphasized. Artificial intelligence programs are increasing rapidly, and recently, for example, text-generating has been on display .

Above, I talked about trends that affect marketing as if from the outside. When you want to influence the effectiveness of your marketing more, the model offers a holistic view of marketing. The template helps ensure that your company’s advertising phone number hk covers all stages, starting with reaching the right customers and ending with customer engagement. The model creates the basis for planning and implementing digital marketing. Using this model helps you adapt to changes and achieve better results in advertising when market trends and consumer behavior change rapidly.

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