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Google Marketing Platform is another example of tools for implementing digital marketing and measuring its effectiveness, which is useful in many situations. It is the umbrella title (at the time of writing) for eight services, of which Search Ads 360 – formerly known as Google Ads – is the best known of all. Google’s advertising network is the largest in the world, so placing ads in its search results is a profitable activity for almost anyone. With Campaign Manager 360, which is part of the Google Marketing Platform, you can study the effectiveness of ads and with Analytics their impact on website traffic.


Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach the target audience, especially if you are still relatively new in your field and feel that it is difficult for you to make your voice heard among better-known brands. Onalytica is a good way to start profiling influencers, thought leaders and experts in different fields and to get in touch with people who are relevant to you and who share the same opinions and values ​​as your company’s brand.

You can search for influencers in Onalytica’s own database of 700,000 influencers and connect with the most suitable ones directly through the Spain Phone Number List application. You can also analyze the results of influencer collaboration through the application’s analytics tool.

Phone Number List


The first thing to remember is that Salesforce is not just a tool for the Reach phase. From the dozen options in its product family, there is a solution for every step of the MRACE® model. Salesforce is best known for its CRM tool, but the application family offers solutions related to marketing automation, sales development, customer service and analytics. With Salesforce Data Cloud, you collect all relevant information about your most important customers and use Salesforce’s algorithms for segmentation and mapping out customer paths, which start even before the customer enters the website. This is an important part of a successful Reach phase.

Once the most important contacts have found your website thanks to the customer path you created with the help of data, you can continue to develop the path towards conversion by using the tools of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (read more in section 27 of this blog.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe’s Experience Manager is a digital content management system, under the surface of which is a tool for personalizing and clarifying the purchase paths of the most important customer segments from a content perspective. As is natural for Adobe, in Experience Manager the graphic side of the brand is at the center.


Finnish Leadfeeder and German Echobot teamed up and launched Dealfront , which is an effective way to prospect for potential customers from companies that visit your website.

Website visits leave a trace on the website identified by Dealfront, even if the customer does not leave a contact request or call your seller directly. Even if you don’t see Phone Number HK the name of the person who visited the site, sellers benefit enormously from knowing which company’s people visit your sites and what they do there.

When the seller realizes the purchase intention, i.e. the interest in being in contact with your company, he can find out about the recent news about the company in aggregate through Dealfront, which could support the purchase intentions.

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