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Canonicalization is the process that search engines use to. Determine which version of a page will be indexed and shown. To users when there are duplicates. The chosen version is called the canonical URL, and ranking signals like links. Google Uses Will consolidate to that page. This process is sometimes referred to as standardization or normalization. Some SEOs believe there is a duplicate content penalty, but that’s not true. Generally, you’re going to have one version or another indexed. It may not be the version you want to be indexed, but it will. Be indexed and rank just as well as any other version of the same page.

Here are some examples

Of what can cause duplicate pages and sometimes canonicalization issues: Google may choose the wrong canonical when another page displays the executive data content in full. This may include the main blog page, paginated pages, tag pages, category pages, or feed pages. Scraped or syndicated content – Content syndication best practices generally recommend having a canonical tag back to the original content or at least a link to the original content. That’s because the canonical chosen can be a completely different domain. They try to select the original source as the canonical but, in some cases, they choose the wrong page. Most of these aren’t usually issues. As I mentioned, Google will usually choose one version or another as the canonical.

There are a few exceptions

This is a real problem. How would you feel if someone else started ranking for an article you wrote? Hreflang does not solve duplication on international sites. Google Phone Number HK will generally try to Google Uses swap to show the correct version. But it’s not guaranteed, and this setup often breaks. When this happens, users see pages from the wrong country. It’s best to avoid having the same content on multiple pages for international websites. With some JavaScript sites (typically app shell models), the initial code for the pages can look like other pages or even the code from other websites.

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