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 Each person has very different sensitivities following the pandemic that you will ne to consider. So. Now more than ever. You cannot afford organizational or logistical errors. For all these reasons and elements. There are tools and technologies that can help you manage and maintain control continuously. 3 ways to provide your guests with a safe experience when hosting physical events secure entry to your shows the era of paper invitations and exchanging them at the entrance to the show is over. After the pandemic. It is important to avoid all these manual processes for the safety and hygiene of your guests. Barcodes or rfid technology can help you generate a much smoother check-in experience for your events.

ways to provide your guests with a safe experience when hosting physical events

magine your guests only ne to log in with a barcode on their mobile phones. business database Which is easily scann by your brand staff. Or that the paper invitations themselves incorporate a hidden rfid tag: simply by bringing their invitation. The antennas at the entrance to your show would automatically register the guest. No contact. No exchanges. And everything remains safe. Digital seating with automatic seating assignment another tious and manual process of a physical event is usually seating assignments. Having one or more people dicat to this step. Using a print seating map that is pass from hand to hand. For a small audience and at a time when social distancing prevails. Is not optimal. By digitizing your show entry process. You can also automate many things like seat assignments. 

IDigital seating with automatic seating assignment

Imagine that your guests. As soon as they go through the event check-in. Receive the row and the specific location of their seat on their mobile phone – much faster and more effective. Right? Seating plan example in launchmetrics campaign material or immiate distribution of the collection via email we all know the surprises or last minute changes that an event or fashion show can present. Sometimes the start of the show has to be delay by a few minutes. Or other times it may be necessary to communicate communications regarding the post-show cocktail. And so on. So having a digital system with all your register participants updat in real time will allow you to send immiate Phone Number HK  communication at any time to these contacts so they receive it immiately on their mobile phone. 

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