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How to apply pirate metrics? Of course, you imagine. There are people writing about pirated metrics since 2013 and even earlier. There it is nothing. So, smartass that I am, it occurs to me to write about it. Am I crazy. Well no. I wanted to clarify a little, once again from my humble and subjective opinion as an apprentice, that these metrics are only a guide, a recommendation and that you should use them with your discretion . In fact, if you realize. Pirate metrics  metrics of a customer life cycle in the startup field and, even more so, when it comes to. SaaS (Software as a Service) type products . What is this about Saas?

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Of course, then this concept extends to titles like . Growth Hacking for the kiosk with expired popcorn and floating balloons that passes industry email list just before the parade” and a very serious problem arises: How to fit the AARRR metrics into this type of startup. Yes, it could be considered a startup if we manage to go from “ever. Ycustomer who buys a bag of popcorn feels a little stupid because. they actually knew they were going to be stale and still . Bought them” to “every customer who buys a bag of Popcorn also buys a floating Beauty and the Beast balloon and also attracts another customer to buy.” That’s virality. And that’s where I wanted to get to: It is not mandatory to use this organization of metrics to do Growth Hacking.

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Depending on your product, service, or goals. there may be more or fewer steps or sections . Wthin your “life cycle.” Metrics that for others are from one point, for you could be from another. For example, downloading an ebook may be a main objective for you (it could be in Revenue) and, however, for others it is a small step prior to . Registering a free user account (it Phone Number HK would be in Acquisition). I would have named the dishwasher the winner. Maybe he doesn’t cook that well, but he has a personality more in line with a chef. Cachis. I missed it. Conclusions . We’re already finishing! As you will see, once again, I am a faithful defender of choosing a position of “understand the map” rather than “turn on the GPS” . I explain. Reading and researching is all well and good, but if you don’t understand what you read and interpret it critically,

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