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This is a special strategy, developed by Michel Edery, which we will explain to you shortly. Therefore, The EVC is valid for businesses that work with medium ticket or and consists, according to Michel himself, of “flipping the first funnel, which is the marketing funnel.” The intention is to attract many people using “very powerful videos, with a guideline, with the infomercial of social networks, literally.” 


What is an online course

Now that you have some aspects to understand the importance of growth in your business, we are executive email list going to present 4 points that you. Therefore, should consider, according to Michel Edery, when developing your marketing funnel, which directly impacts your growth strategy. Organic channels are those capable of generatingwithout the need to make any financial investment. Some examples are blogs and social networks, where it is possible to create relevant content to attract potential customers to your business.


How to create an online course

affiliate marketing is. Therefore, based on working with sales professionals who promote your products or services in exchange. Therefore, for a phone Number HK commission for each transaction made. One of its main advantages is the possibility of helping you reach new audiences and having strategic allies for your business.

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