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Digital advertising tools are next in line to jump into the wider use of artificial intelligence. Why should this be of interest to companies and decision-makers who advertise on Google or social platforms? In this blog, I will go through where paid Google Ads advertising is going in the next year.

The Google Marketing Live event showcased the new AI features of Google Ads, which are promised to further simplify the process of creating campaigns, improve the relevance of ads and, most importantly, multiply the business results of advertisers. There are endless words of praise from Google, but how should a company using the Ads platform as its advertising channel react to these changes? And do marketing agencies have a role at all anymore, when artificial intelligence seems to already be handling everything?

Campaigns based on chat conversations – Google Ads AI

Google’s artificial intelligence-based conversation directly in the Google Ads user interface is about to become real. The principle is therefore similar to, for example, Open AI’s ChatGPT discussion. Everything is based on the generative exchange of messages between humans and artificial intelligence.

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Google Ads AI analyzes landing pages and ads and summarizes the content to create relevant keywords, ad titles, descriptions, images and Saudi Arabia Phone Number List other creative material for Google Ads campaigns.

With the help of this new feature, Google AI promises to save the advertiser from the heaviest work, which will inevitably come up, especially when setting up large advertising accounts.

Google bets still in the Performance Max campaign type

As expected, Google put Performance Max on the pedestal as an example of how campaigns implemented with artificial intelligence can promote the growth of advertised companies.

According to Google, advertisers using Performance Max have reported an impressive increase in conversions – more than 18 percent on average, compared to 13 percent just a year ago.

When you enter your website address into the platform, Google Ads AI starts getting to know your brand and populates your campaign with relevant text and other advertising materials. Answer a few more detailed questions and your campaign is already ready.

The amount of control by the advertising agency will also increase. Search term lists will finally be downloadable and the search phrases Phone Number HK  that trigger ads will become more widely visible to the advertiser. Until now, the search term data of PMax campaigns has only been viewable by name.

In the future, it will be possible to perform A/B testing between two Performance Max campaigns. Previously, the PMax campaign could only be tested against a traditional Shopping campaign. So the change is really welcome.

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