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Kely that after Sstyle, blog articles in which nothing is done other than repeating. Something hearsay for the sole purpose of filling a container almost out of duty . Empty or almost empty containers first and then forgotten. In these cases we are often convinc that once this “typical” process has start. Sometimes emulat by the competitor, the web will start to do the rest. The wrong presumption is that of having built a system. Capable of elevating the person or the products to a stage which. Will soon be surround by people but we know too well that this is not the case.

On the contrary

Visibility arises as a point of contact between seo expate bd an element. A, the observer and his attention, and an element B, or what is observ. In this scenario there is a person who searches, the observer, and one who lets himself be found, the visible element. The latter then remains visible the more it has what is necessary to capture attention and retain it for a given period of time. Unlike what happen in the first case, that of the search for mere celebrity, in this scenario what allows the web to transform itself into an opportunity is preserv.

Connecting things and people

By eliminating the limits impos by distance Phone Number Hk and time. Being visible opens the doors to dialogue and with it to communication more generally. In my book I focus exactly on this, that is, on the dynamics that make opportunity possible in this increasingly digital age. I recount the details of the main success stories of our times with the aim of underlining the dynamics that have positively mark the path. My goal in web marketing is to offer a point of view capable of helping people to identify the opportunity when it presents itself, excluding the noise that day after day risks making them increasingly deaf to good advice.

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