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There are several different YouTube video ad formats. A widely used skippable video ad can be skip at five seconds, and the typical length of this ad is for example 15-35 seconds, but the ad can last up to 6 minutes. In addition, you can use ads on YouTube that have to be watch to the end: a 6-second bumper ad or a non-skippable video ad lasting up to 20 seconds. In mobile YouTube Shorts, a maximum 60-second ad starts immediately between short videos.

YouTube marketing

is a really effective tool when used correctly. For example, you can target a specific video to people who have complete a micro conversion on New Zealand Mobile Number List your site or have been intereste in a specific product or product category. In video advertising, it is also good to determine how many times and for how long you want the user to see your ad.

It’s also worth remembering that you can also use the banners of Google’s Display network to cover advertising spots on YouTube, for example as banners visible at the top of the list of recommend videos or at the bottom of the video being play.

Phone Number List

In a larger campaign, you can tell a story with Phone Number HK more of your videos and take advantage of YouTube’s video ad series. This ad format specifies precisely that the viewer is shown the second video ad only after they have watch the first, and so on until the entire series has been watch.

How YouTube marketing works in the MRACE® model

YouTube’s versatile targeting options mean that you can plan video content and audience targeting for any stage of the digital marketing MRACE® model . The name of the model is based on the words reach, act, convert, engage and measure.

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