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In addition to the fact that loyal customers want to come to your online store to use the points they have earn or the discount percentages grantee only to them, customers who are satisfied with the benefits become advocates of your brand, attracting similar people to your company.


To tango advertises its service as the only Composable Customer Success platform on the market . In a nutshell, it means that companies can build customized customer journeys from elements that each have a pre-defined function. In the phrase , Customer Success refers to the period of time when an identify visitor or lead has already become a customer of your company. If it is a lead customer, a modular onboarding period can take care, for example, of introducing your SaaS service or introducing new customers to your brand and products in an e-commerce environment.

In addition, in To tango you can monitor the well-being of customer segments based on the information collected from the touch points. You get a clear visual signal if some customer groups have been neglecter and are starting to show signs of dissatisfaction.


Combining different data points and breaking down purchase and behavior data into Adversity’s numerous reporting bases provides an understanding of the most important bottlenecks in online services and stores, which may have gone unnoticed before. In addition, Adverity relies heavily on machine learning, and is able to analyze customer behavior in the online store more deeply than before. If, for example, the shopping cart is often left unfinishe in an online store, Adverity can pinpoint the problem to, for example, an invalid sub code or a broken button.


Hootsuite is a good way to schedule and centralize social media posts under one roof. You can connect all your social media accounts to one management system, through which you can schedule your posts on all your channels with one click.

Almost every company can benefit from engaging potential and existing customers by telling them about its activities and values. Telling the buyer persona about important things is a great way to commit to the company, while a completely dead social media presence raises questions. In addition, Hootsuite offers a tool for analyzing posts, which helps you understand whether your social media posts are moving you towards your customer retention goals.


Although the above technologies serve their own role in the different stages of the MRACE® model , it is hard not to notice the growing role of artificial intelligence in the development outlook of almost every technology. Marketing technologies benefit enormously from the advances in machine learning and generative technologies. Algorithms compare the behavior patterns of individual customers to huge datasets to infer the prospect’s or existing customer’s next move or desire.

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