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This way you can initially focus on the core of your business and get it to the top level. its a good idea to expand this to more buyer personas if necessary. Watch or listen to the podcast Buyer personas and download the buyer persona workbook Stand out from your competitors. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in a way that satisfies the nes of your buyer personas In order to stand out from your competitors. you must first know your competition field very well.

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What are the competitors doing. in which direction are they developing their operations After knowing the competitive field. you can determine which factors separate you business lead from the competition. When defining differentiation factors. they should be separat from similarity factors. Similarity factors are factors in your company or product that the customer values. but that your competitors also have.

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Defining the value proposition When you know your potential customers and know your competitive advantage Phone Number HK over other operators. you have a solid foundation to start building your value proposition. In the value proposition. you communicate your competitive advantage in a way that speaks to your customer. Understanding buyer personas and differentiating factors will rise to great value again.

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