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The tools you use to make your company’s target group discoverable and direct relevant traffic to your site. Even in the Reach phase, GA is unbeatable; if installed correctly, you can easily see how website visitors end up on your pages and how many times your ad is shown to the visitor on all the devices they use.

1. Google Analytics

Which works within the Google Marketing Platform, needs no introduction. Google Analytics, commonly known as GA, is certainly the world’s most famous tool use for monitoring, analyzing and reporting website traffic.


Makes an assessment by collecting and combining data from numerous, public data sources such as Google’s index. In the Reach phase, web is Sweden Phone Number List an excellent tool for building a relevant audience for your company and understanding visibility compared to competitors.

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Semrush is the Swiss army knife of the digital marketing world, which is often combine with search engine optimization and keyword mapping. When the goal is to bring relevant new visitors to the site, these functionalities related to search engine in addition, ioptimization and analytics are essential. There’s a lot more under the hood: In the Reach phase, Semrush’s tools related to competitor analysis and advertising are an invaluable addition.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool for analyzing your website from a search engine optimization point of view.  with the help of Screaming Frog you can see in rea in addition, il time whether some of your pages, for example, are missing title tags, which tell the content of the page to the search engine and thus significantly affect the findability of your website.


Ahrefs is among the trusted tools of many SEO experts. For example, Start by doing a competitor analysis with the Site Explorer tool, audit the search engine discoverability of your own website with the .Site Audit, find out the most in addition, important Phone Number HK  search terms with the Keywords Explorer, develop the most interesting content ideas with the Content Explorer and keep track of the results with the Rank Tracker.

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