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Did we wake up a little more crazy than normal today? Could be. The news in Loogic about the purchase of Xidere by Beguerrilla has also influenced it . It seems that a circle has closed since Javier Martín was also the first to write about my first online project in Spain Coguan. icebergPhoto rights to Fotolia It gave me a little boost of joy this morning although it.

The most underestimated Product shipments and inventory management

Product shipments and inventory management If you have an industry email list order a day there are no problems. But imagine that things are going well and suddenly things go wrong. This can cause you a problem. Even Amazon Spain was overwhelmed this Black Friday, unable to meet the avalanche of orders that arrived. And we’re talking about Amazon! The mambo kings of e-commerce worldwide (probably even in the entire galaxy).

Communication and press of your brand e-commerce pillars

Communication and press of your brand I was not aware of the  Phone Number HK impact that good communication work can have. Let’s see, it may seem obvious to you but in the past I have been quite skeptical about the subject . Many times he simply ignored this part with the argument that he could not reach everything.

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