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Achieve Developer Careers Upskilling via Pre-Employment Helps Realize the Independence of Women Developers 3 Benefits of Learning Programming from True programmers never  an Early Age Technological developments in Indonesia are increasingly developing day by day. TOne of them is in matters of data collection. The data collected can include temperature, humidity, rainfall, water content in the soil, and pest monitoring. For example, farmers can find out important data such as water content in the soil and ambient temperature with implanted sensors.

such as sensors and software

with the aim of communicating, controlling, connecting and exchanging data through other devices as long as they are still connected to the internet. IoT has a close relationship with the term machine-to-machine or M2M. All devices that have M2M communication capabilities are often called smart devices . It is hoped that this intelligent device can help human work in completing whatsapp database various existing affairs or tasks. Elements that form the IoT ecosystem To create an IoT ecosystem, we not only need smart devices, but also various other supporting elements in it. The following are the various elements that make up the internet of things: Artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) The first is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an intelligence

system owned by humans that

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AI itself has several branches, one of which is machine learning . You can learn machine learning at Machine Learning Developer Dicoding as a first step in developing AI. In IoT, almost any machine or tool can become a smart machine. That means IoT has a huge impact on all Phone Number HK aspects of our lives. Sensors Next there are sensors. This element is the element that differentiates IoT machines from specifically used for IoT devices. Benefits of the internet of things in various fields After knowing the explanation and elements to form an IoT ecosystem. Now we will explain the benefits of the internet of things in various fields. In its application, the internet of things brings many benefits.

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