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The Updates Introduced by Google in 2022 Apply to Both on-page and Off-page Factors. The Search Engine Pays More Attention to, Among Others: on the Quality of Content, Link Profile and Website Performance. What is More Important in 2023 – on-page or Off-page ? We Explain! on- page  Includes All Activities Performed on the Website. Changes Are Made via Html, a Content Management System, or an Ftp Account. The Goal is to Optimize the Website for Search Engine Indexing Robots and Users – Which Google Emphasizes More and More Clearly.

What activities does on-page SEO cover

Activities Performed Outside whatsapp number list the Domain Are Called Off-page Seo. The Basis is Link Building, I.e. Obtaining Links From Authoritative External Websites. This Action is Intended to Draw Google’s Attention to the Domain Being Positioned and Make It Valuable and Credible in the Eyes of the Ranking Algorithms.
In 2020, Backlinko, in Cooperation With Ahrefs, Analyzed Search Results. One Finding Was That Position 1 in Google Has on Average 3.8 Times More Backlinks Than Positions 2 Through 10.

Content in 2023

Whatsapp Number List

Update Introduced on Phone Number HK August 25 and Then on December 5, 2022 is Intended to Push Aside Content That Does Not Meet User Expectations and Reward Useful and Valuable Content With a High Position. How to Adapt to This Change? Google Emphasizes That Texts Should Be Created for People, by People.
The Point is That They Actually Help Solve a Given Problem for the User, Are Based on Statistics, Research and Analyses, and Are Unique.
It is Worth Knowing That Unhelpful Content May Cause the Position of the Entire Domain to Suffer, Not Just the Subpage Where the Content is Located. Sites Violating Google’s Policies May See Their Rankings Reduced Following the Spam Update. What Can You Get Such a Penalty for? Primarily for Unethical Activities Belonging to the Black Hat Group.

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