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WGSN Keep ahead of the curve, and add WGSN blogs, white papers or podcasts to your weekly must read/listen list. The company itself is a global leader in forecasting global trends and insights.  Meaning their content creation revolves around what the latest is with consumer behaviors.  Lifestyle and product trends. A must read. Best websites for content marketing professionals . Contently U Hub The Contently U Hub will be your first place to stop if you’re starting out in content marketing.

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Courses to set you off in the right direction – from building a content strategy. A  measuring ROI, and even how to get a bigger budget. It’s all here. If you are reaching the intermeiate to expert level.  Of your content marketing profession then there’s also plenty of other content new database here to suit you too. Discover their free research and report section, align with playbooks, and check out their on demand webinars all create to help you grow your career. 2. Copyblogger If you’re serious about online marketing, Copyblogger is devote to providing advice for marketing strategies. They are strong believers in content marketing done right, and their blog offers expert advice to display your company messaging so it attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business. Copyblogger Website.

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Or you can dive deep and join the Copyblogger Phone Number HK Academy with access to ebooks, seminars, webinars, and an extremely active forum. You can try it for a full  free 30 Days, or get stuck into it with the annual subscription cost of only $495. Best websites for martech professionals 1. Marketing Land’s – MarTech Today This name may ring a bell as it was mentione under Search Engine Land.

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