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 of several methods to improve PHP performance. Page cache Lastly there is the page cache. This page cache is similar to the cache that we previously discussed, where the page cache stores complete web pages to be displayed to the user later. The data will be stored in random access memory (RAM). The benefits of this page cache are the same as other caches, namely that it can increase the loading time of a website, apart from that it will provide a better user experience when using the website. Is it necessary to clear cache? Deleting the cache depends on the conditions, usually when the memory capacity of your cellphone or computer is almost .

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 this cache file. This method is a good method, but the system will rebuild the cache file when the application is used. However, remember, by deleting the cache you will restart the application system. In other words, you have to wait again to load the application or website and the ws number list loading time will be longer than before the cache was deleted. So, what is cache? So that’s the discussion about cache, interesting isn’t it? Cache is data stored by the system to simplify and speed up the work of applications or the web. Remember, cache use has an impact on the speed of running an application or website. So be wise in managing cache. 

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Van provide, we hope that after reading this article you will be able to better understand and comprehend cache. See you again in the next article. Get to know what cache is better – end Also check out the following articles so you can broaden your knowledge. 12 Back-End Phone Number HK Developer Terms You Must Know What is a Web Server and its Functions? What is a Database? Examples of Products and TheIn today’s digital era, information or data has become a very important asset in making decisions. To collect the information needed, we can view or search for information in existing data collections. Well, a collection of data can be called big data . 

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