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Owned Media Amplification
When preparing the launch of a collection like that of Fendi, one of the first points that the various marketing and communication teams aim to outline is that of promotion through Owned Media coverage.

Generating a huge media buzz

And if the collection involves two giants like BTC Users Number Data  Fendi and Versace, the amplification on their respective social channels multiplies ! In fact, both during and after the presentation of Versace by Fendi — Fendi by Versace, both brands committed to spreading the images, videos and streaming of the show through the main social platforms. In this way, the public was hit twice, both by the Fendi channels and by the Versace channels.

During such events, user-generated-content also increases. Because they are often unexpected, such shows unleash the enthusiasm of fans and fashion lovers, who rush to their social networks to generate, comment, and share related content.


What’s more exclusive than owning a piece from the only collection created by the fusion of two creative minds like Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia? In the case of Gucci’s Aria collection , for example, Alessandro Michele chose to reinterpret the emblematic models of the Balenciaga universe to create something different and out of the ordinary.

Such an initiative inevitably contributes to increasing both the monetary and perceived value of a collection, making it exclusive in the eyes of the consumer.

Generating a huge media buzz



One thing is certain! When one or more brands decide to present unexpected projects and collections, as in the cases mentioned above, regardless of the public sentiment, they will automatically obtain a privileged position in the minds of each of us for the simple reason of existing .

In 2018, Moncler launched its Moncler Algeria WhatsApp Number List Genius strategy , establishing itself as the first of the fashion giants to have handed over the keys to its castle to a series of prominent designers. Remo Ruffini’s strategic move generated such a buzz that from that moment on it would change the way in which the entire luxury fashion industry would approach collaborations. The media buzz generated by this initiative was enormous, so much so that even today the project continues to move forward, and that of “Moncler Genius” remains one of the most cited keywords in the media.

Whether you are a fan of certain strategies or not, the contamination between designers is a trend that we definitely expect to see again in the future!

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