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You can tag sav   content and use an advanc   search to find everything you ne   in the archive. Custom text settings let you personalize your reading experience. And pocket will make recommendations as it becomes familiar with the type of content you save. Key features: save content from any publishing page or app offline mode for accessing content on any device receive smart tag suggestions every time you save a story price: free – $4.99/mo 20. Post planner  postplanner post planner post planner gives you a set of simplifi   tools to find. Sch  ule and publish your content.

Publishthis is a complete platform for content

An interactive view of the weekly calendar lets Country Email List you choose the post content and sch  ule that best suits your audience. Postplanner will also help you optimize the format of each post with just one click. And the recycle feature provides an easy way to share your best-performing content. Key features: a 5-star rating system to pr  ict post popularity before publishing an automatic content recommendation engine organize social fe  s into collection streams price: $3-199/mo21. Publishthis is a complete platform for content marketing and digital publishing. There’s a streamlin   workflow to monitor content from a central dashboard. Choose content to publish. And make changes to incoming content before publishing it.

You can choose from over 500 interest categories

country email list

The platform also comes with an easy-to-use api and developer documentation. Which allows for complete customization control. Key Phone Number HK features: a centraliz   dashboard for monitoring content easily connect to hundr  s of thousands of sources publish content to almost any cms. Email system or social fe   price: free – $399/mo 22. Quuuu  quuuu_co quuuu quuu yes differentiates itself from other content curation platforms by having an active review process associat   with content fe  s. You can choose from over 500 interest categories covering a wide range of topics. Each piece of content is review   internally by the quuuu team prior to entry. To ensure it is high quality and directly relevant to each chosen interest category.

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