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When you know your buyer persona. you can communicate the most important points of your competitive advantage to them in an understandable and memorable way. In the value proposition. you communicate your competitive advantage in a way that speaks to your customer. Your companys value proposition can be relat to many things.

Promises bas on price. where the

We often see value company assures that it is always cheaper than other operators. From the customers point of view. such a value business database proposition is very clear. concrete and often also attractive. The challenge in value propositions bas on price is often keeping the margin at a sufficient level. When the selling price has been lower. costs must be cut somewhere. This. in turn. may have a negative impact on. for example. the well-being of employees or the quality of the product.

Companys operations

Renewing the website or at the extent of the renewal Product packaging presentation materials or depending Phone Number HK on the industry other materials where your companys image is strongly display Promotional materials After these you can slowly focus on bringing out the look elsewhere in the companys operations. However this should not be forgotten after the first steps so that the overall appearance of the company does not leave a mix

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