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YouTube marketing is especially suitable for the Reach phase, when you aim to create awareness, reach customers and attract customers’ attention, for example, in relation to your new product.

YouTube marketing is a cost-effective channel for increasing awareness. The implementation of a video aimed at the Reach stage should show how your company solves the problems faced by your buyer persona.

What to consider and what works in the Reach phase

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Example, Reach, surprise

YouTube Shorts videos are mobile-friendly videos of less than a minute. Arousing interest in, for example, a pre-painted exterior cladding panel is not the easiest. A simple presentation of the product’s features does not necessarily arouse emotion. Or make you watch the video beyond the beginning. If the YouTube Shorts video tells about how nice it is to make summer soup, and how nice it is to enjoy it when you don’t spend time painting, the product and the company can be remembered more effectively.

Example, Reach, DIY, how-to videos

Since YouTube is the world’s second largest Phone Number HK search engine after Google, non-paid video advertising can also increase awareness. For this reason, various instructional videos are suitable for the Reach phase.

For example, videos about painting a sauna are searched for a lot and have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. How-to videos are suitable for many B2B companies.

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