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What to do if 50% to 95% of users do not complete their orders on the site? Online stores set up “abandoned carts”. Is it possible to create “abandoned orders”?

Yes, you can! And you should, especially if you already have more than 5 requests from the site per day. The final conversion rate of letters from “abandoned requests” reaches 20%!


In today’s post I will tell you how to do this and who it will be useful for.


Reading time : 4 minutes

Who will benefit : director, project manager, marketer


Scheme for returning “abandoned applications”

The user fills out the application form, does not submit it and leaves the site.


The user left without leaving a request because:

We record that the user has left. And after 30-60 minutes we send him a letter:


Content options for the letter:

We select the final version of the letter content together with the client. In some cases, the client provides the best option for the letter content, and sometimes we give advice on the content.

Thus, some of the unfinished applications are converted.


The nuances of “abandoned applications”

  1. At Taktika, we are setting up a scheme for returning abandoned applications via the Convead service. The implementation is a little simpler than for “abandoned carts” due to simplified codes and feed.
  2. Using the Convead service allows you to create a chain of letters at once. For example, send a second letter to the user the next day.
  3. Suitable for application Australia Phone Number List forms that use an email address field.


If you want to start returning abandoned applications, we recommend setting up such a system on the site. Its main advantages are that the system is automatic, and letters have a conversion rate of up to 20% into applications.

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