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2023 is already on the horizon and it is time (absolutely non-extendable) to start making plans with an eye on the next twelve months. Marketing designs are in many ways inscrutable, but it never hurts to try to anticipate them . For this reason, the independent agency group Serviceplan Group has taken the trouble to take the pulse of CMOs’ plans for 2023.  It appears, therefore, that the war in Ukraine has not caused the CMOs’ commitment to sustainability to languish, as some feared . Sustainability is the second issue that most worries marketers for next year, only surpassed by inflation and the specter of a possible recession. 

CMOs will have to learn to combine sustainability

Developing strategies that pivot around sustainability and are truly credible is, however, a colossal challenge for CMOs. Communicating the top industry data benefits of brands and products will generally become much more complex in 2023 in light of skyrocketing price growth and the energy crisis. After all, inflation and recession will have a more than notable impact on marketing. Antidotes to economic uncertainty could be emotional brand management and content creation , two topics that are highly relevant to 83% and 75% of marketing directors respectively. Instead of clinging like a straw to technological trends (something it has been doing systematically in recent years), marketing seems to be refocusing on what have traditionally been its strengths. “The results show that we should focus again on people and brands,” emphasizes Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group.

Marketing directors must fuel collaboration

It’s not just about moving the consumer with campaigns edged with emotion or filling corporate websites to the brim with Phone Number HK quality content. In these times, brands are obliged to connect emotionally with their customers at all the “touchpoints ” and fulfill the promises that make their way (often too lightly) in their advertising. To achieve a true emotional connection with the consumer, CMOs must also learn to listen to the flesh and blood human that lives within them. Marketing directors must fuel collaboration and change, serve as a source of inspiration to those around them, and imbue all their actions and decisions with agility and flexibility. At least the marketing directors consulted by Serviceplan Group believe this. 

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