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Therefore, In this post I am going to give you a good account of what for me – in a totally personal way – are  Spanish-speaking digital marketing blogs. Why have I added 40 and not 30 or 50?… Well basically because I felt like it and because it is a round number that looks good. Well, getting into the subject and going to the topic that gives the title to the post. I am going to talk to you about a series of digital marketing blogs that you should always have on hand when you want to. Learn anything about the world of digital marketing . The digital world never stops evolving and growing. Therefore, Being aware of the latest trends is almost mandatory to be relevant. Position your business and make a living from it. So I recommend that you never stop reading and soak up the best references in your field. As I have already told you, this list is totally personal and I have not carried. Out any physical-quantum analysis exercise to put them here.

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I just like them, I have read some of them a lot. Quite a few others and from time to time the rest. So I can tell you that they are all great. But you won’t just find pure digital marketing blogs . But some focused on more specific topics such as company data copywriting , SEO or Social Networks . In addition, Important: “not everyone is there, but everyone is there.” By the way, so that there are no advantages, I have created the list in alphabetical order and not in alfa-sevillista order (don’t kill me for the joke, juas!). Let’s get to the nougat, damn, you’ll be eager to take good notes.This Inbound Marketing agency has one of the most powerful and reputable Spanish-speaking blogs when it comes to automation marketing. Lead capture or traffic attraction. Material also with a business focus but that is also valid for smaller entrepreneurs who want to see their online presence increased. 

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Javi Pastor Javi Pastor is a reference in the world of copywriting . Your blog, apart from focusing on this topic, contains a lot of content more related to other areas of digital marketing, such as social networks or blogging. He also has a very popular podcast. A long time ago he had his blog on his own website, but now it is within his Big Bang Conversion Phone Number HK school. In addition, The best José Facchin Another of those blogs where you will find everything. It’s like the public library of a big city where you can find everything from ‘Don Quixote’ to ‘The Incomplete Works of Santiago Calatrava’ . Has it all. Facchin is an SEO consultant and digital marketing professor and the content of his blog ranges from SEO, blogging, Social Media, technology or entrepreneurship. #16. Juan Merodio Juan Merodio is one of the largest and most well-known Spanish-speaking digital marketing consultants and speakers. 

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