The email simply asks a question

The subject field contains words identifiable as spam “earn extra money while you sleep” “dear friend” “free beyond belief!” you can bet that messages of this type will end up straight in the junk mail inbox. Because they contain real alarms for anti-spam filters. 11) the subject field is misleading there are not only anti-spam […]

The email does not contain the recipient’s name

Even when a company manages to plan and apply an effective strategy capable of providing a good number of valid business contacts from digital channels. It is quite normal that it also continues to activate traditional email campaigns. Nothing bad. If built well. The point is precisely this: how to create b2b email marketing that […]

Use Hootsuite’s Post Composer to Figure

It’s to build a unifi look for your brand. So. If you’re a recruiting firm for high-level executives. Having a playful rainbow grid might not quite fit the professional and serious tone you’re going for. A monochromatic. Text-bas series of posts. On the other hand…  take advantage of image iting tools in case you haven’t […]

Your Industry View Your Own Analytics

Consider a little chaos in this fast-and-furious social mia world. There’s a certain charm to the no-polish-no-worries look. Adopt the chaotic energy of the extremely online set by mashing up memes. Screenshots. Tiktok reshares. Hastily snapp food pics. Poorly lit impromptu photo shoots. And whatever else you might find on your camera roll. Journalist taylor […]

Best Time to Post on Instagram for

It feels intentional and cohesive. The lesson? You can have totally disparate ingrients in your design palette. But if you use them regularly and with balance. Your grid will look pull together. Nike running diverse palette and image selection making a grid that’s all-text-all-the-time works. Too. The trick is to stick with a consistent color […]