Goodbye Google. Hello, privacy!

Google recently announced that all users of the “traditional free version” of G Suite need to “upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription” by July 1, 2022 to continue using Gmail and other Google Apps features with their own domain. But many users say. Before paying Google, let’s find a better alternative! The free G […]

Black Friday is coming, and at we are celebrating Black Week

This Friday, November 23rd, the only Friday of the year…Black Friday! However, we decided not to wait until then . We have prepared a promotion for new Customers that will last the entire working week, from November 19th. Don’t miss it and celebrate with us “Black Week with the TeleCube virtual exchange”. We strongly encourage […]

Owned Media Amplification

Exclusivity Owned Media Amplification When preparing the launch of a collection like that of Fendi, one of the first points that the various marketing and communication teams aim to outline is that of promotion through Owned Media coverage. Generating a huge media buzz And if the collection involves two giants like BTC Users Number Data  […]

Expert Strategies for Obtaining Customer Phone Numbers

Example. and m.Example.) have amp and non-amp versions of the page e.G. and a Even if you have a web page. Sometimes there will be different url variations that increase the version of the page. For example. The ending parameter may be in uppercase or lowercase or www and non-www.   Depending on the […]

Defining buyer personas is key to lead generation

To generate leads, it is essential to have buyer personas. Finally,  that include strategic information about the profiles of potential target customers. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at best practices for. Finally,  defining complete buyer personas that are align with lead characteristics. What is the connection between buyer personas and the effectiveness of […]

Does your business website contribute to business development?

There are 9 key questions that can evaluate the ability of a b2b company website to generate leads. The answers to these questions, based exclusively on data, allow you to fully understand not only the current performance of the site, but also to identify areas of improvement and untapped opportunities. Let’s see these questions and […]

Velneo vERP up to date, always updated information

Always informed about the progress of Velneo vERP. We present a new web service that allows you to k Velneo vERP up to date now all the incidents. That are being managed in the Velneo vERP template and its entire ecosystem. This new application uses the same style th Bitcoin Data at we already know […]

6 sentences that mean you may be losing a customer

Some salespeople develop an intuition: they can sense when a potential customer loses interest. This intuition or ability is extremely useful because if you can spot the slightest sign that a buyer is about to slip away, you can immediately do something to bring them back, which is much more cost-effective than losing the deal […]

Returning “abandoned applications” via email

Good afternoon What to do if 50% to 95% of users do not complete their orders on the site? Online stores set up “abandoned carts”. Is it possible to create “abandoned orders”? Yes, you can! And you should, especially if you already have more than 5 requests from the site per day. The final conversion […]

Introduction to Android SMS Library

Using an Android SMS library can greatly simplify sending and receiving messages in your app. These libraries provide easy-to-use interfaces and handle Introduction to Android many complexities. Why Use an SMS Library? An SMS library can save time and effort. It Betting Number provides pre-built functions for sending and receiving messages. This allows developers to […]