How to implement the brand purpose so that it adds value to the company

For me, the purpose of branding is to give a name to something that we have actually been talking about for many years. The brand purpose defines the soul of the company, it defines its heart, in short, it tells us about what gives meaning to the company beyond sales. It seems that with this […]

Email List for the Product Sector Your Competitive Edge

Related-entries Breadcrumbs Another Email List feature that large portals use and that improves navigability is breadcrumbs. Those links that appear above the title that indicate the navigation route from the home page to the article. Asap Theme incorporates breadcrumbs and its structured data , although it can be disabled if for some reason you need […]

“Pagafantas” Growth Marketing

“Pagafantas”Therefore, Growth Marketing by Victor Campuzano | 24 Aug 2015 | Growth Hacking Methodology | 12 Comments This post is a reflection on the difference between the unconscious application of actions for the growth of your startup and the strategic application. He looked in the mirror, he looked very elegant. He seemed a little nervous […]

All the winners of El Chupete 2022

D’Artacán, a character created by the recently deceased Claudio Biern. Awarded the Jury’s Special Pacifier for Best Children’s Character The Biern family collected the award to an emotional ovation. Likewise, from the organization of El Chupete. Special Pacifier was awarded this time to Santiago Segura. For his entire career as a children’s communicator. Especially for […]