The best digital marketing blogs that you should not stop reading

Therefore, In this post I am going to give you a good account of what for me – in a totally personal way – are  Spanish-speaking digital marketing blogs. Why have I added 40 and not 30 or 50?… Well basically because I felt like it and because it is a round number that looks […]

what it is for and how to use it on your website

Therefore, Lottie files are fashionable in web design and they are here to stay. That is why in this post I want to talk to you about this new type of animation files . Nowadays, in web page design, performance and loading speed prevail above all else. Largely due to the widespread use of mobile […]

Learn about the 7 main types of customer service

Today, X (Twitter) is one of the most popular and used social media platforms. Therefore, around the world. There, many people share ideas, news, events and. Therefore, videos. To start downloading Twitter videos, enter the mobile application or its desktop version, select the video you want to download, copy the URL of the tweet and […]

How it can help you increase traffic to your page

 can be sold on a large scale. In his presentation, he gave several examples, among. Therefore, which products in three. Therefore, stand out : “health, money and love.” In health, he referred to headaches, a condition that does not distinguish nationality, race, gender or other similar factors. In other words, it affects people massively. Thus, […]

How to choose the best platform to create an online course

This is a special strategy, developed by Michel Edery, which we will explain to you shortly. Therefore, The EVC is valid for businesses that work with medium ticket or and consists, according to Michel himself, of “flipping the first funnel, which is the marketing funnel.” The intention is to attract many people using “very powerful […]