Google Uses 20 Canonicalization Signals It’s More

Canonicalization is the process that search engines use to. Determine which version of a page will be indexed and shown. To users when there are duplicates. The chosen version is called the canonical URL, and ranking signals like links. Google Uses Will consolidate to that page. This process is sometimes referred to as standardization or […]

what it is for and how to use it on your website

Therefore, Lottie files are fashionable in web design and they are here to stay. That is why in this post I want to talk to you about this new type of animation files . Nowadays, in web page design, performance and loading speed prevail above all else. Largely due to the widespread use of mobile […]

How it can help you increase traffic to your page

 can be sold on a large scale. In his presentation, he gave several examples, among. Therefore, which products in three. Therefore, stand out : “health, money and love.” In health, he referred to headaches, a condition that does not distinguish nationality, race, gender or other similar factors. In other words, it affects people massively. Thus, […]

Online Tools to Master Digital Marketing

How many times have you tried to do a task at work and wasted time looking for an ideal tool for it? Would you like to have the main tools to manage your daily tasks in Online Marketing in a single article or in an e-book? In this article I have decided to compile 40 […]