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We believe this approach has limitations and may even be misleading. Here are three reasons why: first of all . It does not take into account that you can actually guide a user without “Asking leg awareness” to plete the entire stage from learning to purchasing on one page.


In fact. This is what many landing page content eitors do. They will not create advertising pages base on tofu  mofu  bofu. In most cases. They will create an advertising landing page that allows users to spontaneously raise questions.


Understand the problems. And provide solutions to the problems. Secondly . It is actually very difficult to confirm whether each keyword belongs to tofu. Mofu or bofu. Because many words are not so clear.


 For example For ahrefs. “Link building tool”

can be our mofu or bofu keyword. It all depends on how you look at it. Third . Some Greece Phone Number List  marketers extend the scope of tofu to such an extent that they end up covering many unrelate topics.

For example hubspot: hubspot blog top pages report in ahrefs site explorer given Australia Phone Number List  that their business is selling marketing software. What do you think of their traffic source content: famous quotes free email accounts resignation letter best website designs to solve this problem. telemarketing site many


We create a simple and objective “Business score” to determine the value of keywords. This is primarily base on our ability to place products within content. Here are the scoring criteria we use for blog topics: fraction definition example 3 our products are the irreplaceable solution to this problem.


 “how to rank better on google”

— because it’s hard to do without getting ahead of a toolset like ahrefs. 2 our product helps a lot but is not require to solve the problem. “seo tips” – because some of them require our products and some don’t. telemarketing site many


1 our products can only be briefly mentione. “Marketing ideas” – telemarketing site many  because seo is one marketing idea among . But ahrefs can help. 0 there is absolutely no way to mention our products. “social meia marketing” – because in these areas.


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