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The container crisis and the possible positive effects behind it. A couple of weeks ago I already talked about the container crisis . This implies that it may not be a good idea to start with a new product for Amazon imported from China via sea route. There is a little less talk about the topic but the situation has not really improved.

Brands that could be affected this Christmas

Brands that could be affected this Christmas This obviously does not only affect you if you sell products on Amazon that are manufactured in China. Big brands top people data are also affected. In my case I focus a lot on the topic of toys. Here Mattel, Hasbro and LOL Surprise are some of the companies that manufacture a relevant part of their catalog in China. Barbies, for example, come from China.

What products to buy for resale this Christmas

What products to buy for resale this Christmas. Anyone who thinks now that I’m going to start buying Barbies like crazy right now is wrong. I am not going to take away any gift from any girl or boy this Phone Number HK Christmas. The effect that I see that may happen (or not) is the following. If a brand is not available you possibly go to your option number 2 or 3. Lego could be one of those plan B as a gift.

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