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Meltwater also belongs to the group of social listening tools, but profiles itself a little differently from Buffer by focusing more on the brand and the monitoring of related keywords in addition to social media in broad news networks. Analyzing news networks is especially interesting for slightly larger companies, for which it is essential to know how, for example, a press release or a product launch has been react to in the media.


formerly known as Confirmit, are to gather information as versatile as possible about how customers perceive the added value of your company and the products you sell, as well as the customer experience they receive.When you understand how your customers perceive the added value you provide and how effectively you can solve their problems, you can use Forsta to create personalized customer surveys.

In customer surveys, it is easy to focus on things that your customers have experienced as challenging when working with your company and to focus on easing these pain points, which might otherwise prevent your customers from buying again.


BirdEye ‘s most important tasks include maintaining your company’s winning reputation , to achieve which BirdEye’s selection includes tools that allow customer surveys and comparison with competitors’ services. However, perhaps the most interesting thing about BirdEye’s approach is using its own NLP language model to analyze customer messages. Not everyone expresses satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) in the same way, which is why an advance algorithm is need to analyze the customer’s intent. In addition, BirdEye applies machine learning algorithms to improve online ads, which can increase the likelihood that customers who have already bought from you will buy again.

Zoho Survey

If you use Zoho CRM, you can use it to send a satisfaction survey to the segments you define and connect the response data you receive via Zoho Surveys directly to customer data.

When you know which segment’s customers are the most satisfied and which require special attention, you reduce the inevitable customer churn. In addition, it is best in terms of basic hygiene when one tool can handle as many tasks as possible.

​​Stamped Loyalty

In addition to customer satisfaction surveys, also offers solutions for fully customizable loyalty systems. A well-thought-out loyalty system encourages customers to come back to shop as they accumulate points. In Stamped io’s Loyalty solution, you can determine yourself where points are accumulated. They can be transitions to different customer levels, birthdays, sharing of your company’s social media content, or really anything else that is relevant to your digital sales strategy.

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