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The target have researche which e-commerce platforms are the most popular at the moment. We have collecte data for this, presente it in a diagram or table and compare it with previous years. For this research , 3 different data sources were analyse: BuiltWith, Statista and Google Trends. Mainly the data from BuiltWith has been use to map the market share. BuiltWith is a website profiler, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence tool. To check the data, we use Statista and Google Trends. All three provide approximately the same data and trends that provide insight into the current state of affairs.

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The percentages in this study have been rounde to whole numbers. What are the most popular e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands More than 214,000 websites have been analyse, of which 46,244 have installe WooCommerce. Of all ecommerce websites found by Built photo editor With’s software, 22% use. WooCommerce. Shopify is in second place with a total of detecte websites. This is equivalent to a market share of. We can conclude from this data analysis that WooCommerce is the most use e-commerce platform in the Netherlands. A lesser-known e-commerce platform is Ecwid, which has a market share of 12% in third place.

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My Talent board Jobner white label environment for gigs MyTalentboard on the left and Jellow on the right. MyTalentboard on the left and Jellow on the right. The first combinations for a new infrastructure Phone Number HK for normal intake, freelance, side intake and gigs are about to be develope. This, in combination with a talent development dashboard, will make your entire organization market-fit for a few years. . Marketing Another two large pots of fresh coffee and tea in the forest hut? Check, ok and on! Your marketing plans will change radically, because you will be addressing completely different target groups than before.

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