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Fan pages and events on Facebook. Photos on Instagram or Twitter entries allow you to spread information about fundraisers at a fast pace, present the stories behind them in detail. And thus properly involve large groups of people in helping., so on the occasion of. The upcoming Children’s Day at Brand24 , together with the Mint Meia agency , we checke how social meia supports fundraising for the treatment of little heroes. We presente the collecte data in the form of infographics. 10 children – 10 charity events For our analysis, we have selecte 10 stories. That have a common denominator – the fight for the health and life of a child, which requires a huge amount of money. Impossible to collect without the help of others.

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The infographic tells about such actions: Lenka. Wiktor and his “no” perfect heart ; Eye to eye with cancer – Marcelina’s Angels ; Matilda’s Eye ; Michałek on the attack – bye, bye raku ; Emil Koryczan – let’s save EmiLove’s heart ; Save phone number list Marysia – fragile life and CANCER ; Peter’s eyes vs. binocular retinoblastoma ; Knock Knock Timon. Who’s there? – retinoblastoma ; A light for Fran . The louder the better Our analysis showe that the place on the Internet where the most active discussion about the analyze collections was Facebook.

Phone Number List

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Next in line are Instagram and Twitter. All these places – like Youtube, Internet forums, information portals – are crucial for the success of such activities. Because every post, like, share, article, comment, etc. increases the reach of the action and supports Phone Number HK the fundraiser – more and more people learn about it and get involve in helping. In help that takes two dimensions – information further. Hashtags A distinctive slogan and/or hashtag helps to publicize the campaign.

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