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The worst case scenario he will end up in the junk mail box. Don’t be lazy. The meeting request is probably the ultimate goal of your email campaign . But the message cannot be limit to this. Explain There are no references how you can help the prospect with a particular work difficulty and you won’t run the risk of ending up in the black hole of spam. 6) the message is pure advertising the always valid advice is not to talk about yourself for too long.

If your email is just a long commercial for

The company. Why should the reader be interest? Make sure you shift the focus of attention from you to them. 7) the message is sent to a long list of recipients Business Lead nothing sounds less personal than a message sent to all the leads you have in your database and entering the addresses in the bcc field is not a solution. Mass email campaigns are immiately recogniz as spam. Nothing to add. 8) typos & grammatical errors imagine how your prospect might feel when fac with an email with missing letters.

Incorrect words or

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Worse. Serious grammatical errors! Remember that you are representing the company and every communication must be flawless. 9) the recipient is not the Phone Number HK right target customer even the most carefully written. Personaliz and tailor-made message for the nes of a specific sector may not be suitable. Is the email recipient the right person? Is this really the buyer persona you have identifi as the ideal target for your campaign?

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